AR.Drone v1.0 and v2.0 WiFi-less mod by miru


Note that some of the documents below were last updated in August 2011 so the informations provided there may not be 100% accurate for latest revisions of the mod (especially the wiring). Use with care!

The first document you should read when starting your adventure with MiruMod is the Readme file that comes with the sketch. You can find the complete MiruMod package containing the Readme in the Software section. The most recent version is drs023, and you can download it from HERE

If you build your mod based on MiruPCB board you'll have to familiarize yourself with documentation which you will find HERE

After that you can go through the excelent tutorials prepared by UFO Doctor that shall help with assembling and launchng the mod. They are gathered in this post from RCGroups.com (hopefully it will be edited by UFO Doctor once new versions appear). You can also find direct links below (both to UFO Doctor's serwer and local copies).

If you already have the mod up and running you can download the stick-o-logy cheat sheets that describe various stick combinations which can be used to operate the mod.

To compensate a bit for the extra weight of the mod and to increase batery/motor life in general you may consider replacing the original bushings in your drone with ball bearings. An instruction by griffinmt can be found in this post. You can get the bearings e.g. on eBay

Not directly related to miru mod, but still very usefull (and extremaly easy) modification that adds extra protection to the AR.Drone's central Cross has been proposed by Candu1 and explained in details in this post. If you need some more 'scientific' proof that it actually works - here are results of the experiments done by UFO Doctor: Experiments with Central Cross Protection by Candu1 local copy

If you like the MiruMod and would like to buy miru a beer or two for his great work you can do so using the PayPal "Donate" button below

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