AR.Drone v1.0 and v2.0 WiFi-less mod by miru


Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions and links to solutions of some 'mysterious' problems drone owners experienced when launchng the mod

Q0: My drone does not work well. Where to search for help/information?

A0: Do you observe the same behaviour without MiruMod (using Android/iDevice)?

  • YES, I see the same problem with Android/iDevice: the problem is not MiruMod related, ask your questions on more appropriate forum such as Official Parrot Forum or AR.Drome Flyers Forum
  • NO, I can observe the problem only with MiruMod:
    • read the readme file that comes with the MiruMod sketch
    • read the documents in Documentation section
    • make sure your wiring is correct by checking the Hardware section
    • read the changelogs
    • read the FAQ below
    • search the MiruMod thread on RCGroups
    • if the above steps don't solve your problem ask in the MiruMod thread on RCGroups (be nice and patient - people there will eventually help you, they always do)

Q1: My drone does not start on some surfaces, what can I do?

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Q2: I've upgraded from AR.Drone v1.0 to v2.0. Can I still use the MiruMod?

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Q3: Does MiruMod support animations?

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Q4: I have problem connecting my Android/iDevice to the Drone with MiruMod, what should I do?

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Q5: Do I need GPS to be able to use the mod?

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Q6: I'm getting "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" error when trying to download sketch to Arduino. What is wrong?

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Q7: I've put the mod together, but I want to test it before connecting to the drone, what should I do?

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Q8: OK, I'm in SETUP mode, but what do all these strange words such as CFG1 or LAND mean?

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Q9: While booting Mod and Drone lights blink in some strange sequences, does it mean something?

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Q10: My Drone crashed a couple of times and props are not straight anymore. Can I fix it?

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Q11: My MiruMod's LED flashes as it should when booting, but then stays solid bright. What's wrong?

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Q12: Video does not record on USB pendrive, whan can I do?

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Q13: RTH does not work in Easy config, why?

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Q14: What is going on with these different MiruMod connectors?

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